Facebook Messenger Integration
Nearly every business that sells online also maintains a Facebook presence. That’s why we knew how important it was to add a Facebook Messenger integration to the Replyco platform.
Now, when customers message you via Facebook asking questions or voicing concerns, you can view and reply to those messages from directly within Replyco. No more having to log in to multiple accounts or open several tabs.
Just a few benefits of the new Facebook Messenger integration include…
  • Convenient message access: view and respond to all messages from one place.
  • Improved Facebook response times: up your odds of getting the “Very Responsive” badge.
  • Great for multi-channel sellers: handle inquiries from all selling channels via Replyco.
  • Easy integration and setup: plus, our team is here to help with anything you need.
Replyco Message Notifications in the Linnworks App
When viewing the Open Orders screen inside the Linnworks app, users will now be able to see Replyco message notifications alongside orders. A yellow icon means there is an associated message that has “not” been resolved. A green icon indicates a message that “has” been resolved. To view the message, click on the Order and the message link will show under notes.
This is just another way Replyco gives you the flexibility to manage communications from wherever is most convenient for you, while also having peace of mind knowing that no messages will fall through the cracks.
eBay Estimated Order Delivery Date
Messages from eBay customers now show an Estimated Delivery Date inside the order screen. The date is calculated based on delivery options already configured in your seller account using the following formula: Date of shipment + range of estimated shipping time = estimated shipping time from date to date.
ebay estimated delivery date
So for example, a product is shipped on June 1st and it has an estimated time of 2-3 days. That means the estimated delivery date is June 3 to July 4.
Ability to Edit Notes
In case you ever want to edit or delete an internal note (for instance, to provide your team with more information or to fix typos), you can now do so. And after you’ve made an edit, your initials will appear showing you’ve updated it. Note: you can only edit or delete notes you originated.
Clickable Usernames
If you receive a message from a customer, but feel like you’ve spoken with them before, you can now click on their username to see information about any previous interactions.
New option to change the currency to GBP (£), USD ($) or EUR (€) in the “Products” Dashboard
You can also now select which type of currency you want to be shown in reports. For instance, if you only sell in Europe, you can select EUR, and any revenue reports will automatically be displayed in euros. Or if you only sell in the United States, you can select USD in order to view dollar amounts. Replyco uses current exchange rates which are updated daily.
Notification sound added when a new message arrives in the Chat widget
Replyco users will now be able to hear when a new chat message arrives.
Assigned employee name now appears in the Chat window
As per the title, buyers will now be able to see who's chatting to them.
Clickable Linnworks Order ID
In the past, Replyco customers who were also Linnworks users could view the Linnworks Order ID that was associated with any messages that came in. However, they had to copy / paste them in order to look up order info.
Now, Linnworks Order IDs are clickable links (just like our clickable tracking numbers). By clicking on the Order ID, you will be instantly taken to the order information within Linnworks.
Order Selector When Multiple Linnworks Orders Exist
At times, sellers receive inquiries from customers who have multiple orders with Linnworks. Thanks to Sprint 11, you can now select which Linnworks order is associated with that message in order to display and view the most accurate and relevant information.
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