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Shopline Integration
We're excited to announce the latest upgrade to your e-commerce toolkit: the Shopline Integration.
This powerful integration ensures a seamless flow of Shopline orders into Replyco, intelligently matching them to buyer correspondence. Keep up-to-date with instant notifications about buyers and orders, providing your customer support team with the precise data needed for efficient and professional interactions.
Take your customer support game to the next level with the strategic edge of Shopline Integration.
WhatsApp Integration
The wait is finally over! Experience a game-changing shift in customer support with our brand new WhatsApp Integration. This cutting-edge integration allows you to communicate seamlessly with your customers, providing a delightful experience on a platform they already use and love. Imagine having the ability to engage in direct, real-time conversations that are not only personalized but also dynamic, adapting to the unique needs of each customer. This transformative approach ensures that your customer assistance goes beyond the ordinary.
By incorporating the capabilities of one of the world's most beloved messaging apps, you open the door to a plethora of opportunities. Picture boosting your sales effortlessly, thanks to the convenience and accessibility offered by this popular platform. Your customers will be not just satisfied but truly delighted with the seamless communication and support they receive.
This integration is more than just a feature; it's a catalyst for unparalleled success. As you harness the power of WhatsApp, you're not just meeting expectations – you're propelling your business to new heights. Take advantage of this game-changing tool to ensure your business stands out, keeps customers engaged, and achieves unprecedented success in the dynamic world of customer interaction.
Feature 1
Introducing Enhanced In-Ticket Logs for Order Actions – a noticeable upgrade to our existing system. Now, alongside user interactions, you can precisely track order-related activities.
New Actions to be logged:
  • Automatic Order Attachments: Check when orders were auto-attached to tickets.
  • Manual Attachments: Identify manual order attachments, including the user responsible.
Streamline investigative processes with detailed order action timestamps and make informed decisions by understanding the exact sequence of order interactions.
With this enhancement, Replyco ensures your team has the tools to uncover insights and maintain seamless customer support.
Feature 2
Say goodbye to limitations and hello to flexibility with our latest update—introducing the new OR condition for Auto-Responder rules. We understand that every customer interaction is unique, and your responses should reflect that.
Complex Rules, Less Effort: Create sophisticated rules without the complexity. The new OR condition simplifies the process, allowing for greater customization without additional effort.
Tailored Responses: Respond to diverse scenarios with precision. Whether it's addressing different customer segments or handling varied issues, the OR condition ensures your responses are perfectly tailored.
Revolutionize your feedback management with Replyco's latest enhancement – the Feedback Notification System. We've taken our Feedback module to new heights, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in monitoring and addressing customer feedback.
Unread Negative Feedback Badge: A glance at the left-hand side menu reveals a real-time count of unread negative feedback, putting critical information at your fingertips.
Feature 3, 2
Customizable Notification Settings: Take control of your feedback alerts with our new Notification Settings. Tailor your preferences for Neutral/Negative feedback notifications, choosing between email, mobile app push, or browser notifications.
Feature 3, 1
In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, timely feedback management is non-negotiable. The Feedback Notification System ensures that you not only see but respond promptly to critical feedback, turning potential negatives into positive resolutions.
Upgrade to a more responsive and informed feedback strategy. At Replyco, we empower you to navigate the feedback landscape with confidence.
Feature 4
In our ongoing effort to simplify and enhance your automation experience, we're excited to introduce an addition to our Advanced Weekday & Time Picker – Seamless Extended Schedule Ranges in Auto-Responders. This feature is designed to eliminate complexity and boost efficiency in your automated responses.
Gone are the days of creating multiple rules for extended schedules. With this addition, you can effortlessly set responses for complex scenarios like "Friday 17:00 to Monday 8:00" with a single rule, streamlining your automation strategy.
Introducing "My Chats" – a dedicated space containing only conversations where you are an assignee. Navigate seamlessly through chats that directly demand your attention.
Feature 5
Streamline your workflow by focusing on the conversations that matter most to you. The "My Chats" folder ensures you're always in the loop with your assigned discussions.
Quickly identify and manage your responsibilities without sifting through unrelated conversations. Stay organized and in control of your assignments.
Simplify collaboration with team members by having a dedicated space for conversations where you play a key role. It's the collaborative advantage you've been waiting for.
Feature 6
As part of our commitment to personalization, we're excited to introduce a valuable addition to your communication toolkit – Personal Chat Notifications. This feature enhances your experience in the "My Chats" folder, allowing you to customize how you get notifications for conversations where you're the assignee.
Select exactly how you want to receive alerts for new messages in chats where you're the assignee – whether through email, mobile app push, or browser notification. It's all about staying connected on your terms!
With this integration, Replyco empowers you to seamlessly connect to your Kaufland store, streamlining your customer support process like never before.
Here’s what our Kaufland integration offers:
Streamlined Order Management
Managing Kaufland orders is a breeze with Replyco’s integration. Retrieve comprehensive order details directly within our platform. When a Kaufland-related ticket arises, access all important information related to that specific order instantly. From order status and shipping details to item specifics and customer notes, everything for exceptional support is at your fingertips.
Enhanced Customer Support
Get a complete overview of Kaufland orders for personalised and efficient support. Armed with comprehensive information, address enquiries promptly, ensure accurate order updates, and elevate customer satisfaction. Build lasting relationships with your Kaufland buyers through top-notch support.
Time and Effort Savings
Bid farewell to manual data entry and multitasking across systems. Say hello to streamlined workflows and increased productivity. Automate order information retrieval, saving time and effort for exceptional support and business growth.
Experience the power of our Kaufland integration, enhancing customer support and simplifying order management.
Meet Chat Transcripts — a direct result of your feedback for better support.
With Chat Transcripts, handling conversations is super easy. Whether it’s Messengers, Social Media, or our LiveChat widget, this feature takes your customer interactions to the next level.
What’s in it for you:
Effortless Chat History
Never lose chats or details again. Chat Transcripts create a complete record across all channels. Every message is automatically logged from the beginning.
Improved Customer Interaction
Offer top-notch customer satisfaction with chat transcripts. Share conversation records with buyers effortlessly. Provide clear reference points and showcase exceptional service.
Smoother Ticket Management
We know streamlined processes matter. Chat Transcripts seamlessly integrate with our ticket system. Convert chats into support tickets and resolve issues more efficiently.
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