Etsy Marketplace Integration
Our Etsy integration allows sellers to access messages, orders and customer information directly from within Replyco.
Amazon feedback requests [BETA]
The ability to proactively seek feedback from Amazon customers is vitally important to the health of an Amazon eCommerce business.
That’s why we’re so incredibly excited to announce that Amazon Feedback Requests [BETA] is now available to our business and enterprise clients.
Replyco Amazon Feedback Requests _1
Here’s how it works.
Using the Amazon “Request a Review” template, sellers will be able to create a customisable set of rules to automatically trigger feedback requests, including affected channels and send schedule, plus the ability to exclude orders with active tickets or open cases.
Replyco Amazon Feedback Requests_2
And if you decide to send requests manually, you can do that as well. Pending requests can be cancelled at any time before they are triggered in the system.
Replyco Amazon Feedback Requests_3
In addition, all Amazon neutral and negative feedback can now be viewed alongside eBay feedback under the Feedback List section.
Mention team members in notes
Need to get the attention of a team member when adding a note to an order?
Simply start by typing the @ symbol and a list of team members will appear for selection. Once selected and the note saved, they will be notified immediately.
User role management
You’re now able to specify roles for each user in your Replyco account:
Full access to tickets, labels, and global search. Tools access is limited to Customers, Orders, and Products. Dashboard overview only.
Provides additional access to Cases, Feedback, and Instant Messages.
Full access to everything.
User role management
Carbon copy & blind carbon copy
The classic carbon copy (CC) and blind carbon copy (BCC) features have been added so sellers can keep colleagues or other vendors in the loop when responding to a customer message.
Default sending delay for messages
Replyco now allows each user to set up a delay-by-default time when sending messages. When delayed, users can cancel the message before the delay time elapses. Similar to an “undo” button in Gmail, but better!
Default sending delay for messages
Default sending delay for messages_2
This setting can be found at Account Settings > Settings.
Drag and drop files
Instead of having to click on “Add Attachment,” users can now easily drag and drop files into a message, making responding even faster and easier than before.
Screenshots are now allowed into the text box
Language detection in column view
Handling international customers? Language detection can now be seen in the Ticket List column view.
Language detection
This feature is turned off by default. The language condition must be added to the rules engine before you update column settings. Don’t forget that all Ticket List columns can be moved or resized as you wish.
Improved User Interface
Replyco’s interface has never been more handy and responsive than now. With an improved button design on the general ticket list (and inside tickets), and an additional drop-down menu added when right clicking on a ticket, users will be able save precious seconds with fewer clicks, less mouse movement, and minimal scrolling.
Plus, we’ve added a badge for new messages in the Instant Messages section.
UX buttons_2
UX buttons
Tickets and order numbers viewable under Customer Details
Total tickets and order numbers are now viewable under Customer Details.
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