Linnworks at-risk order detection
How often have you been caught up on dispatching an order incorrectly because a cancellation request or address change was overlooked? Being able to quickly respond to changes in your eCommerce ecosystem is vital to avoiding such costly mistakes.
With at-risk order detection, Replyco customers that have a Linnworks integration can now automatically identify and tag these potential problem orders, specifically cancellation or change of address requests, from directly within the Linnworks system.
Here is how it works:
  1. A customer places an order.
  2. An order gets downloaded into Linnworks.
  3. A customer then decides to cancel an order and sends a message to the seller.
  4. Replyco’s at-risk detection system identifies the potential problem, adds a tag (like Cancellation or Address Change), and automatically puts the order on hold until it has been addressed.
  5. Replyco will also show that there is an unresolved ticket in relation to this order, making it easy to follow up with the customer to confirm the changes and add any necessary notes.
For Linnworks accounts that are already connected to Replyco, this feature will be automatically activated unless the user decides otherwise.