Better Respond / Resolve Accuracy
Next up, “Respond till” and “Resolve till” are now much more accurate. But before we explain the updates, let’s cover what these functions are. “Respond till” is your SLA regarding how quickly you need to respond to a message from a customer. “Resolve till” is your SLA that dictates how quickly you need to resolve a ticket.
In the past, “Respond till” calculated from the time when the last message was received from a customer. But what if a customer had sent you messages about an issue at 8pm Saturday, 7pm Sunday and 7am Monday morning?
Then, when you began work at 9am on Monday, it would have appeared to you that the customer had only been waiting two hours for a response (since they sent their last message on Monday morning). If you had your “Respond till” SLA set at three hours, you would falsely believe you were still within the appropriate window. However, in actuality, they’ve been waiting for a response since sending their first message on Saturday, which far exceeds your SLA.
We’ve addressed the issue by setting “Respond till” to calculate the time since a customer sent their first message. That way, you know that this inquiry needs to be made a top priority because the customer has already been waiting multiple days for a reply from your team (in this example, anyway).